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Jobs in Health and Social Care (Jobshac)

Jobshac was the first health and social care brokerage to be established in 2001. The brokerage is a partnership between Newham University Hospital NHS Trust, Newham Primary Care Trust, the London Borough of Newham’s Access to Jobs and Jobcentre Plus. It was set up with £245,000 of initial funding through the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund and employs four members of staff.

Sited at Newham University Hospital, it serves local trusts –acute, primary and mental health - and social services in Newham.

Jobshac primarily targets Newham residents – in fact around 67% of clients seen over the past two years were from the London Borough of Newham. From 2004-2005, it employed 116 people and 70% of clients appointed were from the local borough.

The brokerage has served as the prototype on which all other health and social care jobs brokerages have been based.