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Who we are

Four health and social care brokerages and one construction brokerage have been set up with the primary aim of getting local people into local jobs. They are:

Each brokerage is a partnership between a health employer, Jobcentre Plus and a job recruitment, regeneration or development agency. The model for each varies, but the aim is the same: the targeted recruitment of the non–registered workforce into entry level type jobs that require minimum qualifications.

Integral to all the brokerages is the concept of regeneration, the idea that large health and social care employers can and should have a positive impact on their local economy and environment. Local recruitment via the brokerages also has a significant impact on reducing recruitment costs, which is a major benefit for health and social care employers. It also improves staff retention rates, breaks the cycle of unemployment, improves the health outcomes of those in work, makes the local economy stronger and the workforce more representative of the community it serves.

Added together, this makes the brokerage model extremely positive for health and social care employers, for local people and for the economy.


  Borough Brokerage
London Borough of Hackney Hackney Hacshac
London Borough of Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets Actions for Community Employment (ACE)
London Borough of Newham Newham Jobs in Health and Social Care (Jobshac)
London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Barking & Dagenham The Oldchurch Recruitment Centre
London Borough of Waltham Forest Waltham Forest Jobs Junction
HacShac Action for Community Employment JobShac Jobs Junction Oldchurch Recruitment Centre Map of London Brokerages across Boroughs